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Hallmark Hardwoods

Our preferred hardwood product, Hallmark is an exceptional product at a great price. Their engineered floors and finish coats are second to none in the hardwood flooring industry and should be considered for every home in Colorado Springs.

Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo is our preferred bamboo vendor.  This product is milled and kilned dried exceptionally well.  The performance of this product in Colorado is second to none.  If you are wanting a bamboo product then look no further than Cali Bamboo.

Kentwood Hardwood

One of our best hardwood flooring manufacturers. These guys really stand behind their products. Kentwood is based out of Kent, WA and delivers great solid and engineered wood products.


HomerWood is the originator of Traditional Character™ flooring, crafted from the entire tree. The Amish Hand-Scraped® collection was originated by HomerWood when they enlisted the help of local Amish artisans to hand-scrape their flooring products. HomerWood makes a distinct product that has an unmistakable look.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring

With headquarters in Somerset, Kentucky, Somerset hardwoods manufacturer a unique solid and engineered tandom. Most product lines come in both a solid and an engineered making it easy for customers to put in a wide array of products throughout their home.







We're a Colorado Springs based company who believes that working with wood flooring is much more than an installation.  It's a craft.  Our clients work directly with our head craftsman, Tom, whom is present on every job.  With over 20 years of experience in hardwood flooring there isn't a better wood installation craftsman in Colorado Springs. Add his professionalism and goodwill to his expertise and there isn't a better option out there.

We believe that working together as a team will enable both our clients and ourselves to complete the task at hand to the best of our abilities.  The combination of communication, friendliness, and craftsmanship make our team the best in the Colorado Springs and Monument region when it comes to wood floors.

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There are a lot of options out there for refinishing your hardwood flooring.  The most important thing is to go with who you trust.  Price is always important but should not be your determining factor.  Know what you're getting.  Maybe the higher priced bid offers better products and machinery.  Maybe it has the same crew on the job the entire time.  All hardwood refinishing experts are not created equal.  The best advice is to go with who you trust.


There are many different qualities of wood to choose from when it comes to flooring.  Colorado is a unique environment and requires a little more research when it comes to picking out a wood floor.  Here are a few tips to help with the floor buying decision.

Go With Better Quality 

This seems to be a no brainer but one of the most common statements buy potential buyers in the industry is "I need something good and cheap."  This just isn't out there.  Find a reputable company that will help you determine what a good manufacturer is and then buy one of their value line products.  When someone buys "cheap" it almost always means inferior products.

Know Your Installer

Most people believe that installers are a commodity and are all somewhat equal.  They would be absolutely wrong.  This is probably the most important part of the wood flooring process.  The last thing you should do is sacrifice a quality installer when putting in your wood floors.  

Solid vs Engineered 

The two types of wood flooring to choose from are solid wood and engineered wood.  Solid hardwoods are the most common and very typical in the Colorado market.  Engineered hardwoods on the other hand are gaining popularity because of their dimensional stability.  Meaning they expand and contract very little if any and are an ideal solution for hardwood flooring on concrete and people who are concerned with humidity levels.


The combination of prices, service, and expertise are second to none in Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, and Woodland Park.  Hardwood installation and hardwood floor refinishing services can actually save you money in the long term if when done in quality manner.

We stand by all of our bids ~ No hidden charges ~ We are here to serve you!